Drug Testing

Central Drug System, Inc. (CDS) manages random drug and alcohol testing pools and provides drug and alcohol testing program management for our clients.  The selection of employees for drug and alcohol testing is performed by a valid scientific method using a computer-based random number generator that is matched with employees’ Social Security or identification number.  Under the selection process, each employee has an equal chance of being selected each time selections are made.  CDS makes sure that all random pools meet their numbers, so you can rest assured that your pool will meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements.


When you choose us for your program management, you will receive a DOT alcohol and controlled substances policy on CD-ROM which include all instructions, regulations, and compliance forms needed to manage your program.  We will set up your collection sites and laboratory services and send you the required drug testing forms.  In addition, you will receive program administration assistance, laboratory statistical reports, your annual Management Information System (MIS) report, blind specimen maintenance as well as record administration and storage.  We make sure that you receive everything that you need to keep you in compliance and help you pass an audit of your drug and alcohol testing program.


We will perform drug & alcohol testing/accident history background checks required by the DOT.  We also supply employee handbooks, post-accident kits and Supervisor, Designated Employer Representative (DER) and Driver training classes.  You may log on to the customer portal at any time to view drug and alcohol test results and make updates to your random pool(s).

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