Driver Qualification Files

Including Hours of Service Reporting & Log Book Auditing

Do your drivers drive a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) or 10,001 or more pounds?  Do your drivers transport 8 or more passengers? Or do your drivers transport hazardous materials requiring a placard?


If so, your drivers need a Driver Qualification File and a background investigation file. CDS will set up your files, perform the DOT-required background check and obtain Motor Vehicle Reports from your state licensing authority.


Our driver application meets the DOT requirements and your drivers will find it convenient and easy to navigate through.  We maintain driver records using our online system to track and monitor files electronically and all records are maintained electronically for easy retrieval.  We also offer California’s Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program.


Our Hours of Service (HOS) database combines information from a driver’s multiple employers so each client has a complete picture of the driver’s hours of service.  This helps you, as the employer, to avoid potential violations.


CDS audits log books and fuel receipts and will provide you with a detailed list of any violations found.  This will keep you and your drivers in compliance with the DOT and give a clear evaluation as well as recommendations to help lower your BASICs.


In addition, we will provide you with reminders when it’s time to renew a driver’s license, medical exam, and more.

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