CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
Abstract: This rulemaking would create a central database for verified positive controlled substances and alcohol test results for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders and refusals by such drivers to submit to testing.  This rulemaking would require employers of CDL holders and service agents to report positive test results and refusals to test into the Clearinghouse.  Prospective employers, acting on an application for a CDL driver position with the applicant’s written consent to access the Clearinghouse, would query the Clearinghouse to determine if any specific information about the driver applicant is in the Clearinghouse before allowing the applicant to be hired and to drive CMVs.  This rulemaking is intended to increase highway safety by ensuring CDL holders, who have tested positive or have refused to submit to testing, have completed the U.S. DOT’s return-to-duty process before driving CMVs in interstate or intrastate commerce.  It is also intended to ensure that employers are meeting their drug and alcohol testing responsibilities.  MAP-21 requires creation of the Clearinghouse by 10/1/14.
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