Our Medical Review Officers review drug test results to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for positive results.

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  • Driver Qualification Files & Hours of Service

    Our certified FMCSR Safety Specialists help you handle your driver files, hours of service logs, training and FMCSR Corrective Action Plans (CAP).

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    Our experts help you stay in compliance with Federal and State regulations and the FCRA when requesting consumer reports on your prospective employees.

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About Central Drug System

Central Drug System, Inc. offers the best in Medical Review Officer Services, Driver Qualification File Management and Background Screening.

At Central Drug System, our #1 goal is to help you be successful with your goals. Every service we offer gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are hiring the right people. Our MRO services ensure that you are hiring quality individuals and our background screening services help keep you informed on who you are really hiring.

For the clients who need to be compliant with the Department of Transportation drug testing regulations (49 CFR Part 40), we offer drug testing programs that include policies, random pool management, MIS reports, audit assistance, training and more.

Our commercial carrier solutions offers stress-free solutions to keep everything organized and compliant at one simple location. Our Driver Qualification File (DQF) program immediately reduces overhead costs and maintains compliance to help avoid any potential violations. Our Hours of Service program offers two solutions – managed paper logs and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) services with special reporting. Our specialists assist you with CHP BIT inspections, action notices and DOT audits.

About Our MRO Services

What is a Medical Review Officer (MRO)? An MRO is a physician who reviews drug test results on behalf of an employer’s drug testing program to determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for a positive drug test result. If you operate under DOT regulations (49 CFR Part 40), then you must utilize an MRO. However, even if you do not operate under federal regulations, utilizing an MRO helps protect you, as an employer, by reducing your exposure to liability, especially in cases where a donor has a legitimate medical explanation for a positive drug test result.

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Driver Qualification File Management

Our driver qualification file management helps you stay organized and compliant while reducing your overhead costs and helps you avoid repeated inspections and having to respond to notices. Our Hours of Service database helps you avoid any potential violations. We send electronic notifications out when CDLs and DOT physicals need to be renewed. Our specialists assist you with CHP BIT inspection notices and DOT audits. Electronic Logging Devices are also available.

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News & Updates

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    National Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

    Posted On: December 8th 2016

    The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today announced a final rule that establishes a national drug and alcohol clearinghouse for commercial truck and bus…

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  • Central Drug System: Fleet Management Solutions, ELDs, GPS Fleet Tracking

    Posted On: November 28th 2016

    Central Drug System fleet management solutions includes the latest in fleet mobility technology, tracking, compliance & safety. Find out how we can help you today.

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  • US Court Upholds ELD Mandate

    Posted On: November 15th 2016

    As projected by many industry experts, the US federal court has voted to uphold the ELD mandate. This decision means that on December 18, 2017 the vast majority of commercial…

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